Senior Care Tips: Technology

Technology: Top Tech for the Elderly

Technology: Is your elderly loved one behind in the technological era?

They aren’t alone. Many elderly people can’t keep up with all the new technology that is out these days and that is alright. However, there is some technology that might benefit your elderly loved one. Keep reading here to find out what the top tech is for the elderly.

E-Readers and Tablets

Does your elderly loved one enjoy reading? If so, they might enjoy having an e-reader? This will give them access to so many books without those books having to take up space in their house. There are so many different free websites with e-books that your elderly loved one can have on their e-reader. There are also e-books through Google and Amazon, as well. Your elderly loved one might enjoy having a tablet, too. On the tablet, they can Facebook message their loved ones, play games, do word searches, read the news, and much more.

Video Calling

Does it seem difficult for your elderly loved ones to see their family members or friends as often as they would like? If this is the case, they might benefit from video calling. There are many different video calling apps that your elderly loved one could use. There is Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and many others. These allow your elderly loved one to have face-to-face interactions without having to be in the same house as the other person.

Fitness Watches

There are also a variety of fitness watches that your elderly loved one could use. There is Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, and many others. These watches track heartbeat, steps, sleep, activity, eating, and more. They can motivate your elderly loved one to lose weight (if needed). The fitness watch can also motivate your elderly loved one to get up and move more often. Fitness watches can allow your elderly loved ones to see their progress over time, too.

Technology: Conclusion

These are just some of the top technology ideas for your elderly loved one. Now you know more about which type of technology is best for the elderly. You can talk to your elderly loved ones about what technology they might want or need. Then, you or caregivers can help your elderly loved ones to set up the technology that you get for them. Hopefully, once they get used to the new technology they get, they will be more apt to try out newer technology as it comes around.


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