Elder Care in Downers Grove IL: Falls And Aging Adults

Why Are Falls So Terrible for Aging Adults?

If you and your elderly family member haven’t talked about the danger that falls present for the elderly, now might be a good time to talk it out.

Elder Care in Downers Grove IL: Falls And Aging Adults
Elder Care in Downers Grove IL: Falls And Aging Adults

They Can Seriously Injure Her

The primary reason to ever avoid a fall is of course that it can cause a serious injury for your aging adult. She may not experience more than a bruise, but that is the least of the concerns a fall brings up. Your elderly family member could break a bone, experience a concussion, or even cut herself on something. With so much that could go wrong, avoiding a fall just makes sense. The worst part is that severe injuries might lead to a lengthy hospital stay or a stint in a rehabilitation facility.

They Can Make Her Afraid

Your senior might not be afraid of much right now. But after a fall, she might find that she is so nervous about experiencing another fall that she starts to second guess every single movement that she makes. This can be such a problem that she might actually experience another fall, simply because she’s so uncertain.

They Damage Her Independence

Depending on the results of your senior’s fall, she may find that she’s not as mobile as she used to be. If she’s injured too badly, she may not be able to stay at home until she’s healed. All of this means that your elderly family member may find that she’s not able to do what she used to do on her own any longer. It’s one thing to ask for help, but if she feels as if she doesn’t have a choice, that is far worse.

They Can Create a Vicious Cycle

Once your senior falls, she might have to spend some time recuperating. That might mean that she loses a bit of muscle tone and has to deal with other repercussions from the fall. She might also find herself becoming more nervous. By the time she’s healed enough to walk around again, she might find it difficult to keep her balance due to muscle loss, which might mean that she takes another fall. That one initial fall can set a vicious cycle into motion.

Having a solid plan in place to help prevent falls is a must. Work with your elderly family member’s doctor to determine what you can do at home to help minimize the risk of a fall. You might want to consider solutions such as doing more frequent safety checks and hiring elder care providers to be there when you can’t be.

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